Freedom (Influenced by Rita Ann Higgins – Some People, 1988)

Some people know what it is like,
to wake up and feel the sun so hot you’d rather stay inside,
to have a swimming pool at your feet and use it at your leisure,
to spend the whole day (7 days in a row) with just friends,
to completely forget where you came from and where you are going,
to see clear blue skies and picturesque oceans everyday,
to stand still and take it all in while everything else moved around you,
to hear music you don’t understand, to not wonder, but to love it anyway,
to smell the air, the chlorine, and the salty seas,
to be healthier than you have ever been and live on sweet watermelon for breakfast,
lunch and dinner,
to go outside and touch the hot surfaces that could burn you from the blaze of the sun,
to feel so good there’s a tingling feeling of happiness in your chest where you know you are at your best,
to hear the words “C’est la vie” and know that it applies you,
and other people don’t.


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