In Between (2)

Between 100 and 200 hours of the early morning,
on a cold winters day, between the silence of sleep,
and my mother’s screams of labour,
between the beginning of the white month and a new year.

The rough roads outside Ealing hospital,
the finer roads of London city,
the lights, the nights, the cheers,
the family get togethers during seasonal celebrations.

In a small estate, standing in the middle-
of two others and three parks nearby,
Next to neighbours that became friends,
and friends that became strangers.

Between a life that I never expected and a life
I had envisioned, between old,
and new dreams from that old house back in London,
to my own apartment in Coventry,

It was between there and here that I was born.


2 thoughts on “In Between (2)

  1. I like this poem, the imagery and use of figurative language brought the words to reality. I think its quite different and unique, however the one thing I would say is check the punctuation possibly. Where fullstops, commas and capital letters should be placed just to give the piece more of a structure.


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