The Technicalities (The Pilgrimage)

This poem came to me very quickly, I was in a sort of a fun, laughing mood with one of my friends and it was just one of those moments where I managed to find happiness in anything and everything, and everything just made me laugh.
It began with an early evening walk to find the new village bookshop where an open mic night was to be held and we walked all the way to and past the place. We just carried on walking until we reached a road where there were no longer any shops so we kind of figured we had gone the wrong road. We then made our way back, again looking out for the bookshop but we couldn’t find it so we stopped at a small store and got ourselves some drinks because believe it or not an hour had passed. We purchased our drinks and decided there was no way we were going to find the place so we headed back home. But it was only 8 ‘o’ clock,so no, we didn’t want to go home just yet. Instead we went to the university library but we didn’t actually go to do work, instead we went to the group study floor and stayed there until 11:30. What we did I can’t even remember but we were laughing at all sorts of things and my friend filled my snap story with a ridiculous amount of images and videos which at the time were hilarious but when I opened them the next morning they seemed to be the type that would annoy a Snapchat contact. Anyway while we were there, we thought we’d have a look at Google maps on the computer to check where the book shop was for future reference and we stopped right outside it at one point. I found this to be quite amusing when I was in such a high state of mind so I wrote this poem about that.
You can probably guess why the poem is called pilgrimage, it was sort of a joke we made since we spent hours just walking a long road that seemed to be leading no where but had some reason behind it and I changed the library to ‘home’ just because it would’ve made more sense to a reader rather than if I said library 🙂


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