The Technicalities (My First Essay)

I absolutely love haiku’s. Love love love. Why? Because there is only one rule and that is the easiest rule to follow in writing. It’s easy because you don’t have to make it a flowing and elegant poem, or a work of art. It can be edgy and make sense to you and you alone if you want, as long as it sticks to the syllable count. This can be restrictive for some in the sense that you may come one syllable too many and have to restructure the sentence but for me it’s the perfect amount to say what you want without beating around the bushes, without the flowery display of adjectives and it still can have the same power that any other form of poetry has.
This haiku is an immediate reaction to my first essay. I wrote it exactly as it came to my mind, with no alterations and in three short lines it describes exactly what happened, how I felt and the point of it. Since it’s short it also reflects on the atmosphere that I was surrounded by. Nothingness really. Just me, my books and an essay that wasn’t getting done. I hope people like this one as much as I do because in an essence I feel that it describes me. Short precised and to the point but at the same time a student who struggles to write her essay.


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