The Technicalities (In Between)

There are two poems in this… series you could say, the first (In Between 1) is a cinquain. This was a poem created in a workshop we had. I urge you to do it too because I found it really stimulating, especially having nothing to write about, ever. We were instructed to think in silence for a minute, about all the things we could be in between. This means physically to metaphysically. So as an example, we were given the ceiling and the floor, or the two walls. If we think bigger than this, then, the buildings and so on. And after we had thought of all the possibilities we could come up with in that minute, we had to scribe these down as soon as the minute was over, without a moments break, not even to lift your pen off the paper. It had to be one flowing thought. Once a minute was up we had to simply stop. And then from the long or short paragraph that we had managed to scribe we were asked to make a cinquain. A poem with 5 lines with a syllable count that went 2,4,6,8,2. It was much harder then I had thought because I had written all sorts of things down and then to put these together in a poem with such restrictions made it just that extra bit harder, but I had a go anyway. I came up with the end result and it was amazing to see how my poem was so basic in comparison to the creativity that other people in my class had come up with. I merely started off small from the tables in the room to the stars in the galaxy while other people talked about much deeper things. I’m not saying I disliked my poem because in fact I actually liked it… but as my lecturer says, we are not Mozart. Our pieces of work are not the ‘word of God’, they are not perfect the moment they leave the fingertips and so I know mine isn’t perfect in fact it’s just too bland.. pun intended, but I still like it anyway, I guess I’m more simplistic than I thought.

In Between (2) was written after reading Cerrickfergus by Louis MacNeice, his was a sort of in between poem but more free form. So we gave that a go and found it was obviously much easier, now that you could write whatever you want without worrying that your syllable count was one too many. If anyone has read Cerrickfergus you probably know the poem is about MacNeice’s birthplace and so we had to base our poem around that too. I tried to write a poem that was creative like the rest of my class and I think it’s a bit visible here. I did do some re touching on the poem because as I said I’m not perfect and if I’m honest, redrafting a poem can either be deadly stressful or great fun. Luckily it was the latter for me this time around and so it turned out not to be so bland after all. Pun totally intended.


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