The Technicalities (Eye Contact)

In my about page, I briefly describe (in like 6 words) how I much prefer writing short stories or just any prose in general. I’ve never been a poet really, so this blog acts as a sort of platform for my experiments. I have a better experience in prose writing as that’s what they usually tell you to write in you A-levels, GCSE, I think you could go as far back as SATS as well. ‘They’ being the exam boards and then encouragingly the teachers as well so you don’t get much practice with poetry but this also means my portfolio of prose writing would probably be big if I actually took the time to collect all my work and put it together. What I’m getting at, is that, I have a lot of writing that is lost… hidden, whatever you want to call it and so my friend and “Writing Valet” as she likes to be known showed me this piece I wrote for her birthday. Usually I look back on my old pieces with disgust and awe, “Did I really write that?” but with Eye Contact I didn’t seem to do that. I sort of liked it. The story is based on her situation at the time it was written. We found it so hilarious that I actually took the effort to write what had happened into a story, laminate it as a bookmark and gift it as birthday present.

There isn’t much to be said about the story as it speaks for itself, and so I hoped that in posting it, people are able to relate, as I’m sure many people have been in a similar situation if not the same.

Hope you enjoy more of my short stories – that is if I can find them…


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