Silence Is Desperate.

Close your eyes and listen,
The silence is killing,
The muffled sound of quiet,
It speaks more than I ever will.

My thoughts are there,
They wander, can you hear them?
They want to say something
But they don’t know where to start.

Should I start from the beginning
And make it boring,
Or should I skip to the end
And leave out what’s important?

If they spoke, my thoughts
Would you listen?
Or would you turn a blind eye
Because it’s not as sad as you thought it would be.

Tears won’t fall from my eyes,
I promise, I’m stronger than that,
I’m strong and loud and I laugh
I’ll show you what’s hidden in my head.

Tell me what you want to know,
Is it fine if I tell you anything,
Is it fine, will you listen?
The silence is gold, but this gold,
Is caging me in.


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