There are several types of the species, ranging from the soft to the brutal, but it is fair to say that all types can be fatal.

First you have the “soft”, these include the very simplistic, those who merely pass by a persons profile on a social networking site. For instance, Instagram, where there is the odd interesting photograph of a good looking male/female, or maybe just an exotic beach that entices your interest. Either way before you know it, you’ve been through pictures that were posted before your very own profile had been created… Harmful? It may not seem like it but there’s always the sudden heart stopping moment when you realise you’ve accidentally doubled tapped and liked that photo from say 2yrs ago and you’ve clearly and quite defiantly told them you have been stalking them but you pray with all your might that it isn’t true and if it is then let’s just hope they haven’t seen it. The rank becomes higher as you begin to like photos of acquaintances whom you don’t even follow or accidentally of those whom you don’t even like and then the list goes on

Naturally on the other end of the scale are the “brutal”. Those who prove to be a hindrance in your life, disturbing the peace and destroying your lifestyle. They go above and beyond the line of what is deemed socially acceptable behaviour and there comes a point where even a restraining order does not stop them from turning up outside your window and peeking in to watch your every move to which you begin to fear death is at your doorstep. I refer to them as they instead of you because I write in hope that none of you readers fall in to this scary category.

But then you have the “in betweeners” that are exactly that. The one’s who blend in, they go a bit too far for your liking and yet you wouldn’t go as far as to pick up the phone and give emergency services a call. They hang around leaving you in a confused state as to what you should do. If by chance an in betweener is reading this right now, you are probably unaware of the creepy person you have become so please continue and diagnose yourself so that you can finally leave people alone.
The in betweeners are shady because they look very much like yourself. Nor do they have the crazy look in their eyes as a brutal may have, or the embarrassed blush that a soft stalker would bear but rather they blend in. On the day when you sit alone in the cafeteria and your plate of food plays as your best friend, the in betweener will enter with an inviting smile to make you believe that you have got a friend in them. They may sit down next to you and begin with phatic talk but as they progress it becomes clear that their intentions are somewhat bigger than the innocent ones you had expected. They’ll somehow know about that visit your mother made to see you and the very first day they saw you. You probably don’t even remember them but they insist you shared a glance and possibly even waved and then when the conversation ends you feel exposed. They didn’t ask a single thing but there’s an eery feeling that they were trying to manipulate you.
A few days pass and you hear a knock on your door, and when you open it you see its them. The confusion runs through your mind, you don’t remember giving them your address and while you’re in this state they invite themselves in and sit down comfortably but you don’t remember even saying hello. They begin to talk and the only thing you can think of is how they came to know where you are staying and what they are doing in your room and when the conversation ends you realise that they spoke continuously without a breath and all of it was inconsiderably boring.

At this point you have grown a little stem of hatred and every time you see this person the stem grows larger and inevitably you avoid their very existence because you don’t want them to invade your privacy entirely and you want to make sure that they know this. However it doesn’t seem to have a strong effect because every now and then there is a knock on the door and you are absolutely positive that it is them so you never want open your door ever again and so the drama goes on – you’re trapped in a building knowing that you will not escape from the stalker until the holidays come around, relying on your friend to come save you every time they even remotely smile at you.

The message here is simply, do not stalk. If some demon has possessed you in making you believe that stalking will somehow help you make good friends, please find the goodness within you that will insist it is not. It may not be on such an extreme level but no body likes a stalker. Just say hi, ask how they are and let the friendship derive itself. Don’t force it.

Yours sincerely.


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