The Art of Waking Up

Most people understand when I call it as it is, the art of waking up. The minority that belong to the latter, I assume are insomniacs and rarely even get to enjoy the feeling of sleep before waking up from it, or you’re just plainly insane and have somehow trained yourself into being the robot that can do whatever you set your mind to. But I speak for those of us that, never mind how many hours of sleep we may be gifted to recieve, waking up is always the same inevitable struggle that you know will always be a habit unbroken.

There are several reasons as to why waking up in my opinion should be deemed an art form. Let’s begin with the ideology that art is for the less intelligent. Firstly, for any artists who are reading this, don’t be offended, as I consider myself somewhat an artist as I too can paint and draw etc… In the recent days I have – to my surprise – come across many people who seem to downgrade the art degree as useless, their main argument being that it will not have any significant impact on you future career and life. (Yes, why don’t we forget the fact that most high school level art projects were complicated enough for most of us non artistic lousy drawers and so degree level must be a dip in the pool right?) I see quite rightly why many people may think art degrees are possibly useless but you can’t deny that artists are just as skilled in their field as say a doctor in theirs and let’s agree for a second that if you were to put the professional in the other profession they would sure as hell be less good at it (unless you are an all round perfect human being, then you are dismissed, otherwise for this article pretend you are not.) So that being said, let’s revert back to the original topic, if we go by the belief that art is for the less intelligent then we can take the image of waking up being a less intelligent part of us all. We tend to awake from slumber at snails pace and our appearance isn’t the most flattering, I can happily say I don’t look the most intelligent when I wake up. Theoretically waking up should be easy, you are aware that if you don’t get up now you will be late and yet we act ignorant, which I could say is a pretty brainless thing to do. This sort of leads on to my second point.

While I say that art is for the less intelligent, I contradict myself and say that actually those who practice art are intelligent. My first piece of evidence being previously mentioned, that actually it can be quite difficult and the same goes for waking up. I’ve never found getting out of bed to be easy. It is probably the most hardest thing to do in a day. Simply put, it takes skill, perseverance, determination and a string of alarms one after the other. Some days can be easier than others, but they’re only easier, never easy, just like some paintings can be completed easily in comparison to others. So waking up, and completing a piece of art, works in the same way.
I just want to rant a little bit more about this point, because I feel that this is by far and probably the most obvious, sensible and straightforward relation to waking up being an art form. I want to reiterate that every morning, when your alarm goes off, you either don’t hear it and when you do, you sleep for a whole minute to five minutes extra before the next alarm goes off. You then slowly and painfully open your eyes, who am I kidding I don’t usually open my eyes until a good 15 mins after my alarm has gone off. By this time there is a little devil inside your head going through the list of reasons that staying in bed would make your life that tiny bit better. You’re pulling the covers over you even more because you suddenly feel how cold it is today. You lay there a good while convincing yourself you could somehow ditch the day of work or lectures and only God knows how you managed to suppress that little devil and managed to get yourself up and out. This however requires great skill. We are skilled artists. Now… For my final point.

Art is ugly. Not all art, but some art, and yet it can be accepted as art. This is an opinion, as I am told, because I am enforcing my views upon you. But I’m assuming that if you are reading this, then you are old enough to think for yourself. Anyway even if you are an artist I’m sure you have preferences of some types of art over others…  Again that’s besides the point.
Waking up from sleep is by far, probably the most ugliest face of yours and yet we seem to accept it because we know it is natural. Just like that one canvas in the gallery that you look at and say “a five year old could’ve done that, I could’ve done that.” (“yes but you didn’t did you, they did” is what you or someone else then replies.) It’s there, we don’t like it, we can complain about it but it isn’t exactly going to go away. Even the process by which you wake up can be ugly. Stretching, yawning, and making sounds you forget you could make.
Now I should probably stop here before I put you to sleep, so I will, but before you go, I hope that reading this has left you with one lesson and hopefully it is that waking up is truly an art form. Let’s make it acknowledged.


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