Birthday Girl

We call her the Mother Hen, she’s calm, collected, with her feet firm in the ground. She’s the definition of what you would call ‘nice’ in every possible way, she tries her best to please everyone but it’s all in her own happiness. Yet she would never do something if she doesn’t want to and this makes her a role model. She breaks up the small quarrels and keeps the peace but if she thinks there’s something wrong then she will make it known and in the midst of us loud, troublesome group of friends she acts as our guide, so, we call her Mother Hen.

BUT the Mother Hen is just a side of her, that we assumed was the whole of her. No, if I have to describe Mother Hen, then I shall do it correctly, relaying what I have witnessed and what should be known. Mother Hen, has faults and flaws most of which are just clumsiness and sheer stupidity, but these are the hidden truths behind the mask. She’s the type of person that can make you believe so easily that what she is saying is right, you don’t argue. Then you realise that actually, she has no idea what she’s talking about. She likes to be a helper but, when she attempts to help it turns out more pear shaped. Oh God and when she says something she mostly always means the complete opposite. She’s not the perfect example of a well made woman, and she shouldn’t be, because she’s 20 years old. This is the time when one learns who they are and how they will live their life. so even if she can be the most hypocritical person I have met in my life, I wouldn’t have it any other way – Mother Hen is just boring, I prefer Swami. The Swami who is flawed and can turn things upside down within seconds, who is stubborn, over thinks a lot of stuff, leaves her essays till the very last minute, stays up so late she may as well be nocturnal, believes she’s a descendant of Dracula (she’s obviously not) and the Swami who I’m so glad to have gotten to known better these last few months. You are (positively) much more humane than a Mother Hen, and no matter how much the name suits you, or how much you love it, to me you’ll always be Swami… My clumsy Coventry buddy.

‘Happy Birthday Girl! – sincerely hope all your wishes come true!’

MunSun x


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