Hotel Haroun – Djerba Review

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This is a months late review but still completely worth the time to write and also worth the read for those looking for more details about this hotel.

Hotel Haroun is a small hotel and so perfect for family holidays as recommended by Thomas Cook travel agency.
We decided to take the weeks package to Djerba, Tunisia through their aid and found it was certainly our money’s worth because as a group of friends looking to have fun, this small hotel promises entertainment 24\7 and in all different types. The hotel is kept in a clean condition at all times and you may occasionally see the cleaners here and there touching up constantly throughout the day.

As an adventurous group we were constantly in and out of the water, whether it be the hotel provided swimming pool or the next door picturesque beach which meant a great deal of mess in our rooms. The one cleaner who was known to be around at all times did an excellent job at keeping it all hygienic for us and was super sweet too.
The cafeteria serves fresh food at each meal and you can watch it being prepared, so you never have to worry about putting on a grams weight because its all completely healthy and as a plus, you eat delicious traditional type Tunisian meals. They conveniently also have the western option for those who find it hard to adjust to foreign tastes. The ice cream is delicious and you will always be eating sweet watermelon.

Hygiene is immaculate, you always see staff around to clean any mess within the second it happens and it being a small hotel means you will very quickly know, greet and talk to staff members.

That being said the most important part is the entertainment team, who made our stay the most unfathomable stay of our lives. Consisting of three extremely enthusiastic members, Diego, Momo and Mario. You will see these three guys around the hotel at early hours of the day to late at night heeding to your every entertaining needs. They are literally supermen. As we have witnessed and now are able to share they can do almost everything and there isn’t anything we haven’t seen them do. By morning they hold yoga classes, water aerobics, games and fun for all ages and by night a childrens disco followed by an adult show and then finally some fun and dance for adults. But the fun doesn’t stop there. You want them to breathe fire they’ll do that. Pretend to be Whitney Houston they’ll do that too and best of all they are really nice people to just talk to when and if you ever find them free I would say that although the hotel has an amazing environment it would be mostly thanks to them and if you’re lucky enough to go while they’re still around you’ll have tons of fun.
The hotel is situated in a relatively accessible area which means you can easily get a taxi to take to markets and there are restaurants nearby too. The pizzeria is amazing and the people are so friendly all around that you will definitely enjoy your stay.
If you intend to do any activities, for instance we did jet skiing and para-sailing, these excursions can be also arranged for you by hotel entertainment staff.

An all inclusive package and totally worth the money. I hope this review encourages you to take a trip to the beautiful island of Djerba and stay in the awesome Hotel Haroun.


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