Things that y’all need to keep in mind this season

Exam season is upon us and you know you’re done for when you’ve just sat down, everything is silent and suddenly someone at the other end of the hall produces a deep, chesty and not to mention loud cough. It fills the hall and you look around for the source of it and slowly fall in your seat with your hands covering your face, knowing that this is going to go on for two hours. What’s worse is every now and then they become annoyed with their own cough and try to suppress it, which only results in a muffled strangled sound before they can’t hold it any longer and the cough becomes explosive. That’s enough pressure, without adding the constant sniffing of someone who had to have a cold at the wrong time in their life. I remember a couple of years ago, I had calculated the pattern in which this person had been sniffing and it was almost every 2 seconds. I wasted most of my time during the exam just waiting for the next sniff and then was most agitated that I was right on mark after thinking here it comes each time. I patiently hoped within those 2 seconds something would change, that the person would realise they were being so disruptive and at least ask the invigilator for a tissue. I mean, seriously, there is no shame in it if everyone’s grades are on the line. Exaggerative, I don’t think so. I’m not sure if this is just me being easily irritable but I always end up sitting near someone who begins to shake their leg impatiently half way through to the end and sometimes knocks against the table clumsily. This is not only infuriating because it sets me on edge, as if I’m running out of time and I need to hurry up but it’s just a really bad habit in itself. It makes you look like you have a weak bladder and doesn’t do good for your image, (although no one really cares for image when you’re sitting an exam but that’s besides the point) of course if you genuinely do have a weak bladder then just go to the toilet? If you do get up to go toilet, for heaven’s sake be quick and quiet about it. I’ve noticed that some people try their hardest not to be noticed which only turns out to do the complete opposite. It’s really quite simple. Get up, go, come back and sit. There is no need to do some weird lifting of the seat so that it doesn’t brush against the floor because you are most likely going to hit the desk behind you. Finally, two simple points that do not need expanding – don’t slurp your water, just drink it like a bloody normal human being and if you need help, whisper, the invigilator will most likely be next to you no need to shout. I’m not saying I’m perfect, I’m one of those people that accidentally knock my spare pen onto the floor because my desk is somehow always too small for me…Anyway, what I mean is y’all just need to be healthy and relaxed when you go into your exams, for your own and the rest of humanities sake. Maybe do some yoga.


Yours sincerely.

P.S. GOOD LUCK (If you’re reading this instead of studying…y’all need it)


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