Day 2 – Beauty is Bebek

Walking, walking and more walking. Tiring and yet so satisfying. As the purpose of the trip was educational, we visited Boğaziçi University and were shown around Bebek but what we thought was going to be a lot of walking was actually a whole lot more.

Breakfast was at 7, tired from travelling and the late night before we were all a bit disorientated, forgetting it was Monday. The sun shone brightly in a clear blue sky so coming from England it felt like it was already mid-day rather than early morning. However there was a nice cooling breeze in the air which made the weather perfect for our busy day ahead. Our first Turkish breakfast suprised us as it was self served.

There was a selection of olives, cucumbers and tomatoes with lettuce which was basically a morning salad. I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a more traditional Turkish breakfast until we walked around found a greater selection of salami, sausages and all different types of bread. That was more like it. Typically, the food tasted healthier and much more refreshing than the same selection we could get back home in UK.

Once we enjoyed a long and lentghy breakfast we set off for the university. The coach journey was slow as we staggered through one of the worlds worst city of traffic. Congested and hot we felt stuffy and no one was really up for the educational day that was planned for us.

When we reached, we were guided to the room in which we were to meet some Turkish students, there was a short welcome meeting with their senior and were told that we were going to be shown around the campus as well as the Rumeli Fortress which was nearby.

The views, the sceneries and the atmosphere we experienced was phenomenal, but the process by which we got to these was almost torturous, moreso because we were not expecting it.

We were first shown the south camlus which was half an hours walk from where we started. From there we continued furthed down until reachinf a hill. We then walked down the hill on ‘s’ shaped roads which seemed to be never ending and so steep that it took us almost 1 and a half hour to finally reach the bottom. Once at the bottom we realised it was all very worth it. The seaside was calming and the beauty was immense. We reached the Rumeli Fortress a while later only to find that there was uphill climbing. It was tiring but again with each rising platform that we climbed the reward was greater. The view more immense and it felt like the world was ours in that small moment.

We then walked to Bebek town centre where we stopped to eat lunch and after this short break it was the journey back to where we had started. This was not so great and not so rewarding either as we walked back and sat for another few hours listening to presentations which were interesting but only alert souls. Our tired eyes were droopy and by the end of it even our lecturers eyes were closed.

The end of the day finally came as we left to return to the hotel and somehow still managed to pluck up the energy to go out for a nice takeout meal. Unluckily for us a boy selling flower crowns took some of our money but also took away the crowns. We’ve learnt our lesson.


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