Day 3 – Sleep deprived zombies

Yay! We slept in. Our first day upon arrival with a late start, no one was complaining. Ofcourse that was until we remembered the day was filled with an educational conference type of meeting with the students we had met yesterday.

Having been given the oppurtunity to sleep in, some of us seemed to have misunderstood that as having been given the chance to sleep late which defeated the purpose of getting a good nights sleep. So when we realised that we were supposed to spend the day watching presentations and lectures we soon regretted our descision of staying up.

The presentations were interesting but they were inevitably long and after having walked so much yesterday we felt rather restricted by sitting down all day. But as I mentioned, the trips purpose was educational and so this was a must. Besides, we couldn’t exactly complain.

We finished nicely at 19:00 and then made our way to a beautiful restaurant on the pier. This was another long walk down a steep hill but after such a long day seated, who would refrain?
The restaurant was classy with a magnificent view of the city and had a swimming pool as well. Not that we used it…It was the perfect touch to such a draining day. After befriending a nice Turkish student we were reluctant to leave but we exchanged details and hoped that we could meet again to learn some Traditional Turkish dances.

The day ended quite abruptly but we were happy to know that tomorrow there was a more touristic adventure in store for us.


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