Day 4 – Tourist level 100%

For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I remember a bit of history. I may not remember my own countries history but atleast I know something.

Today our group was able to complete a tour of all the main touristic attractions in one day with enough time to spare for a much needed refreshing relax time before dinner. Every traveller’s dream. We looked at the notorious Blue Mosque known locally as Sultanahmet, The Ayasofya, The Hippodrome and let’s not forget the unforgettable Topkapi Palace.

Each and every place we went to held its own significant attraction of architecture, culture, history and we were able to get a real sense of the Turkish traditions. This obviously meant more walking but this was only a minor flaw in our amazing day.

For the sake of keeping my posts short as they are simply a type of diary entry, I won’t go into the specifics of the history behind each place we visited. Besides if I were to do that, there would be no reason for you to visit. No. That’s a lie, you would obviously visit anyway to feel the beautiful culture for yourself.

Our tour guide was exceptional. He explained as much as he could from as far back as he could and with as much detail as possible. Although, he was old and I felt slightly bad that he spent his day guiding a bunch of students around but there was no lack of enthusiasm. He kept us going all day and to all the places we visited we were sure to learn somethinf beneficial to us and if not then atleast one thing interesting.

The day ended much quicker than we expected but we were told that from tomorrow the driver would not be available and so our remaining few days would be areal adventure on trams, buses, taxis etc. The first on the list is Grand Bazaar. Here we come.


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