Day 7 – Falling in Love

Awaking earlier than 7:00 is possibly one of the hardest things we have had to endure throughout this trip. We thought we’d get a break on the last day but there is no mercy for travellers like us.

It was however, totally worth it and it being the last day it was either all in or out. We went all in.

At 7:30 we left the hotel to make our way for Kabataş from where we would hop on a ferry to Büyükada (largest of the prince’s islands).
An hour and a half long journey which took us pass the different islands and gave a beautiful view of Istanbul in the horizon. There were the typical ferry vendors who would come around selling bread which passengers would buy, eat half and feed the seagulls in the air with the other half. It was a calming and enjoyable boat ride.

The Islands are notoriously known for the absence of motor vehicles so the only way to travel is on foot, by bike or in a horse carriage. Having walked so much for the week we thought it’d be best to choose something else. Riding in the horse carriages seemed fun but it seemed like there wouldn’t be much to do apart from sit, take pictures and enjoy the ride… So bike riding it was.

The prices were either per hour or for the whole day so we decided to go with an hour as there were many other things to do on the Island. An hour though, very quickly turned into 2. Especially because it was all uphill. It was torturously painful but in a good way. As if you were refreshing your soul. Some parts were too steep even for the best of us so we would get off and walk our bikes up but even then it felt good.

After our long, exhausting bike ride to the top of the island’s hill, not only were our minds and body energised but the view was live too. Beautiful landscapes of hills and the tiny villages scattered around. It was all worth it. This is when we realised we didn’t want to leave. We had fallen in love with all that Istanbul had to offer and there was still so much more to explore…

Our ride back down wasn’t so bad either. Fast with a nice breeze to cool us off. Finishing our ride we then walked around looking for a beach, the best way to relax after such a high intensity excersise. We had heard there was a small one nearby so we set off to find it but it turned out the beach that we were familiar with did not exsist. Instead in its place was a small rocky pier like place in which people went into the ocean. Although a bit disappointed, much to our delight the water was cold, clean and a nice remedy for our aching feet so we ended up staying for the rest of our day there.

The ferry ride back had us all sleepy and relaxed but as it was our last night we knew that sleep was for the weak. Back to Taksim square it was for our last dinner,last shop and inevitably our last night in Istanbul.


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