Why ‘Lovesick’ should be on your bookshelf.

There are very few things I’m a hardcore fan of in life and Jessie Cave isn’t one of them.
Most prominently recognised for her role in Harry Potter as the lovesick Lavender Brown, she recently published her very first book named conveniently ‘Lovesick’. Jessie on the other hand is far from the irritable character, she’s hippy, witty and evident from everything @pindippy, a cool mother. The book in fact also has no relation to her role in the star franchise movie but in fact is a humorous book of drawings that easily sum up the various complicated relationships that occur in reality varying from the average blind date to the not-so-average bestie.

Although Jessie doesn’t come under the list of things I fangirl over I’ve admired her work for a while through none other than Instagram posts and tweets. At first I hesitated, thinking ‘why should I, (buy one) when I could just see her work whenever I wanted for free (through social media)?’ Miraculously I somehow convinced myself of not only buying the book but also buying the hard copy as oppose to the kindle edition and I think it’s fair to say that it was worth the investment and I’ll share a few reasons why.

1. Quality

I’m not on about the quality of the content (Although that is another point on my list) I’m talking of the quality of the copy itself. I love it when I have a solid, hardback book to call my own and one that I know will last years to come, with the thick crisp pages that just satisfy your fingers as you turn them. With the beautiful paper you know the author has thought well about before producing the books in bulk. It feels as if each book is the very first book of the very first edition and when you’re older looking back to it, running your fingers along the spines of books, picking it out and dusting it off, you can be certain that the inside looks untouched as it had when you first bought it. Unless of course you decide to read it every now and then which brings me on to my second point.

2. Content

So you’re not a teenager anymore, or perhaps you are. Maybe you’re really old and in a long lasting relationship or new and haven’t been in one at all. This book contains humour for all ages granted you’re at the age to understand it and have a good sense of it. As I said, Jessie is witty and so it shines through in this book. The drawings come about the closest I have seen to reality. Whether or not she herself has been in any of these situations is out of the question, the fact is, she has captured people’s thoughts perfectly, the best part of it is, there is no evidence of discrimination of age, sexuality, race, gender or aesthetics . It’s aimed at everyone and anyone because it’s to do with the common thoughts we have, boys and girls alike, and how sometimes although we think it, we may not say it.
That’s all dandy, but an even better advantage is that those who are a little stuck in these aspects of their life, or maybe are in the same situation and have just not realised, Jessie opens your eyes to possibilities. I’m saying no more.

3. It makes you smile inside, what could be better than that.

So again, if you’re an older reader, what harm could it really do to delve back into those innocent years and those easy times (or maybe hard, no judging). It’s a refreshing reminder of what could have been, what would have been, what happened and possibly even something that you’re glad is over. For those who have still a lot more years to come (hopefully) it’s a little advice book of what to be aware of, what to look out for, things to recognise and things maybe to avoid. Most importantly though it’s just a bit of fun. Yes it can give you life lessons or it can do nothing for you at all but it’s just some humour to add to your life when maybe you want to laugh a little. Even when it’s years down the line and you’re clearing out, you could just hang on to it because it’s cute. Yeah that’s the right word for it. Cute.

So, with out ruining it for you, if I haven’t convinced you enough to go purchase a copy then I guess there’s only one thing left to do, go follow @pindippy and see for yourself that one day you may see her walking down the street in her retro outfits and you’d have wished you had a copy of her book to get autographed. Or not I guess… Each to their own.



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