Review of The Murders in the Rue Morgue – Edgar Allan Poe

If you have read any of Poe’s work, you are probably aware of his extensive use of vocabulary and if you haven’t then this is not the story to begin with as it is packed with long words and confusing sentences.

I hadn’t read a 19th Century book in a very long time so picking up Poe was probably not the best idea, because there was a very sudden and overwhelming rush of words that I had to force myself to recall and sentences that I had to repeat to understand.
What made it worse was that the first of part of the story was so absolutely slow. It does have relevance, if you manage to understand what he is trying to say, but the story would’ve worked well without it. You only really realise the point of it once you’ve finished reading. In all honesty I had forgotten about it until I flicked back to the beginning to remind myself how it began.

Once Poe finally gets into the story, it’s again a very slow start, the introduction to the characters drags and it takes a while for the action to take place.
The story is a focus more on the characters than the action and consequently the dialogue overtakes the narration.
That being said, there were many things I didn’t like about this story but the plot wasn’t one of them. It is a classic detective story and would’ve been a really great one, if it didn’t beat around the bush.

I love a detective story so I was quite intrigued to find out how Dupin  would solve the crime. It reminded me a lot of Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and his science of deduction.
Poe is notorious for his character creations or his gruesome ideas and in this story there are bits that shock you unexpectedly but, it is a lot more toned down compared to some other stories of his that I’ve read, so in that aspect I quite enjoyed it. It wasn’t too much but there was still something there.

It wasn’t one of my best reads and I was more excited to have finished it, but I think that says more about the need to expand my reading.
Although I haven’t praised the story that much in this review I still admire Poe in his writing style, he’s able to fit such a vast amount of vocabulary in such a short story without completely losing its meaning and this is very hard to do. I also liked the story line and that’s about 60% importance so I’d give it a 6/10.


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