Religion, Terrorism and Politics – A First and Last Address

I am not one to discuss topics such as these mainly because I am not the type to preach let alone talk about something so intimate, fragile and controversial.
Yes, I do answer when asked and I clearly state my position in each of these discussions but this is the first time I feel compelled to state my opinion. State. Not enforce, or ask for a reaction but, merely state. I want even the small numbers of followers I have to read as I speak for a million of others out there. I’m certainly not the first in my opinion and I know I’m most definitely not alone.

I am a proud Muslim. I practice, I pray and I live. I was born in London, I am British and I can confirm with my hand on my heart, the Bible and the Quran or any other holy book that I am not a terrorist. What is going on in the world is by no means a reflection of my religion. It goes in fact entirely against what we stand for and I just want you to think for a second that if someone looked at you and thought you were responsible for something as huge as mass murder, that you were the reason for even just one murder. Just imagine for a second that you were generalised as the person who was to blame for a war or for any violence, when in fact you were just sitting at home, minding your own business, thinking about what you were going to cook for dinner.

I have been lucky enough in my life to live in a place that is diverse and this prejudiced, low life judgement is rarely received but all over the world there are still many individuals who believe that what they see in the media is a definition of reality.
It is a glimpse my friend, you don’t have to be educated to realise this. You must realise that the news and virtually everything you see is made to entice a specific reaction from you. That isn’t to say that it is fake, it’s to say it is not the complete picture. Look at your own lives, if it were to be filmed, how would it be displayed? What would be shown? What would you want to be seen or hidden? So then why is it so easy to believe everything that you are fed by the media? Why is it that you believe that those few speak for me or for any other Muslims around the world.

I can speak for my self thank you very much and I am. I am not someone who agrees with what these terrorists are doing and the most important part of this is, the most vital piece of advice I can give that will convince you, is – and read it carefully, swallow it even – I could be killed tomorrow by the very same people who you class me with. The same people who could kill you, can kill me too. This is no longer a matter of religion anymore, I am not asking you to believe it. I am telling you. If Christianity does not condone it, neither does Islam. Neither does Hinduism or Buddhism or Judaism or any religion that I know and don’t know. (And by the way I believe in Jesus. Yes, I do, and we celebrate Christmas too with a family feast just like anyone else.)

On politics, I rarely know enough to talk about it, but I do know that media’s representation holds a great deal of influence in this aspect. What happened in Paris on 13/11/2015 is one of the many many many other terrorist attacks across the world. I cannot, or anyone for that matter stress enough just how many other places prior to this attack have been attacked in a similar way days, months and even years before today. Reach out to everyone, pray for Paris, but pray for Beirut also, pray for Egypt, pray for the whole of Africa. Pray for Mexico, in fact pray for the whole world because we are all in need of a prayer. These people are horrendous and forever will be, the world needs to stand together in times like this rather than start pointing fingers.
The safety of everyone can only be achieved by everyone.


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