Thoughts as I Walk

Why is it so crowded? Everybody is looking around as if we’re searching for the same thing. But we live two different lives, we’re strangers in two different books, how can we be? They turn their heads right and left, involuntarily, as you do when glancing. Where else can the head wander when walking? It does what it can to remain impartial to the world. Like the ears that attempt to focus on a singular voice that speaks through one side whilst there are entities of unknown, curious sounds coming from every which way. So the people look around minding their own business, but there I am, minding theirs as well. What are they thinking, what are they saying? Why have they dressed like that? Are they happy? What do they do for a living? How do they get by? Where are they going now? So I go on minding their business.
Then I trip as I come to the end of the sidewalk. A car honks and I shake my head. Where was I going again?


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