S*** That Scared Me!

Yes. Finally the train is coming. Is that my train? Yes it is. Phew. He must be getting on too. Yeah I was right. OK that one looks full. I’m going to go there. Oh but that one is quite full too and it’s not the front carriage maybe I should go there. OK move otherwise she’s going to think you’re following her. Woah, this guy nearly missed his stop. Am I only a stop away? Wait let me check… Oh man there aren’t any signs. Where can I find out? Wait didn’t that guy just get off right now? Why is he sitting in front of me? OK i need to pay attention and listen for the announcement. Oh no, my battery is on 9%. This damned thing I charged it before I left and now it’s letting me down. I swear it’s performance has started getting worse, I need to tell Dad about this. Actually no. I won’t tell Dad because I know what his answer will be. I can’t believe brother brought those headphones. Man, I’m so low on money, I wish I could just spend money like that. Why does this guy keep looking back? I need to budget maybe. His hair is so dirty. What music is he listening to. Oh God now he’s singing. Oh now! Did they just announce?! Oh God I missed it. I think I missed it. Did I miss it? Please make an announcement. Please please please please please please. I must’ve missed the stop. No I can’t have it didn’t stop. Or did it? No it couldn’t have. Oh god why? …Yes! OK I knew I didn’t miss it. This guy doesn’t look like he was paying attention either haha. Oh haha our hoods are similar. She’s got someone with her. Someone was supposed to be with me. OK right, great I forgot to check what platform I’m supposed to be in, let me just check… Should be here somewhere? Oh forget it let me find someone that can help me. Oh where am I? Where I have walked to? There’s that guy again. Why is he every where? He must be following me haha. Oh there’s someone else who can help me.

“Excuse me!” He can’t even hear me because of this train here. “Excuse me!”

Oh look that guy got on this train. Wonder where he’s going.

Can this conductor just stop for a second? What is he even looking for under there?
“Hi, excuse me, could you tell me which train goes to ________ please?”
“Could you tell me which train goes to ________!”
“________? Yes, yes it does go there!”
“What, this one?”
“Yes it does!”
“OK thank you!”

So I’m going the same way as that guy. I think I should just get on a different carriage, just to be safe… I hope he doesn’t see me. This one looks alright, it’s furthest away. Oh woops this is is first class. Oh my God how did he find me? He’s definitely following me. If I turn around and he does too, he’s definitely following me. Oh my God he’s following me! What do I do? What do I do? OK calm down, find somewhere where there are a lot of people. Here, here is fine. Maybe just sit down next to someone, oh no too late, just sit down here. Not next to the window, he’ll sit next to you. Oh my goodness he sat behind me. He can see everything I do. Oh god OK don’t panic. Call someone. Battery 5% why God why? She’s not picking up… Who else who else?

Why is he pretending he doesn’t know where he’s going again? The announcement clearly just played right now. Why is he pretending to look around? I already know you’re following me. I have to put a password on my phone in case he tries to snatch it from my hand. Is everything secure in my bag so he can’t just open it? OK everything’s OK. He can’t harm me. There’s too many people here anyway. Right. What do I do when I get off the train? Run? I don’t even have cash for a cab. Bus! I don’t even have change for a bus. Why is this happening? OK we’re here, wait why isn’t he getting up then? He’s waiting for me to get up. Maybe I should pretend and then when he gets off I stay on. What if he waits at the station though when I make my way back. This is not working. I just have to lose him somehow. We’re here, we’re here. He’s not getting up. Why is he not getting up? OK walk as fast as you can away from him. Within the crowd. Get ahead of the crowd.
He’s gotten off! He’s gotten off! He’s following. Run if you have to.

I’m out! But what now? I can’t walk home he’ll catch up. What do I do? The bus. Just get on the bus and beg the driver if you have to. He has to have a conscious.
“Can I just get on for one stop please, I think some one is following me.”
“Where are you…Oh following yes, yes come on.”
“Thank you.” Yes close the door please thank you.
I forgot these buses don’t stop unless you tell them to.
“Where do you want to go? ________?”
“Uh, yes, yes please.”
“OK. Just wait. Get on this bus I’ll tell the driver just get on this bus.”
“Um, OK thank you, thank you so much.”
I’m safe. Definitely safe now.


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