Report of a Strange Man

His hair is dirty. A grey white, scruffy, short and middle aged hair style -underneath that old, plain, black baseball cap. A long, pale, wrinkled, gloomy looking face. His cheeks droop so that he frowns, but not so much that it looks saggy. A black pair of headphones hang from his ears. A black slightly puffed jacket with a quilted design, it’s left unzipped. Could be a white or grey worn out T-shirt that he wears with those similarly over worn black jeans. Looks average, average tall height, average stressed middle aged faced and average hands in pockets while walking posture. Average, fitting in, not standing out citizen. But he keeps looking back. From the corner of his eye, not turning his head completely, just ever so slightly so that his eyes come to the corner to watch the slight movements of what goes on behind him. He looks in the reflection to see what’s going on around him, not to look at his own appearance. He watches. Watches while singing but is there music playing in his headphones? Nobody knows. He keeps looking and watching and singing. Why does he do this? What a strange average man.


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