#0401 Cheer Up Old Soul

“Yes, I know, what to do? It all happened so suddenly and… Yes. I know~ Yes. Yes. Yes. Uh-huh, uh -huh. Yes well definitely I would’ve come, of course in this kind of situation I should be there. It would be good for me to be there, to help her through it all. At least she would have someone with her. Yes, it’s what i’m always thinking. Honestly, it’s really sad I can’t be there, honestly. It’s just because I don’t have my passport you know? Yes. Yes. This happened last time as well. You know when his father, and it was the same thing. I wanted to come. But my passport, I just couldn’t. Yes. Yes. I know~

Well what about her? Yes, I haven’t heard from her in a while, I wonder why? Mind you, I haven’t called her in a while…Maybe she’s angry or resentful? Oh I don’t know honestly. No, no! Of course not! You don’t need to make it into a big deal, I was just saying… No no! Yes, don’t need to do anything…Ok well, I’ll talk to you again soon. Ok yes, call around 4 next time yes? Ok. Ok. Bye. Bye~”

[Pause] **Dial tone**

“Hello? Hello? Hello~ Ah hello! Can you hear me?! Yes, yes it’s me! How are you? Yes, hello? Ah yes, hello, how are you doing? How is everything? Yes so – Yes, it’s been a while I thought I haven’t spoken to you in a while so I’ll ring you up, and you know with all that’s happened … Yes, I want to be there so much but because of my passport…Hello? Yes, because of my passport and this happened last time too remember, hello? Yes, I was saying it happened last time as well, it’s just because of my passport and…Oh. It cut.. Ok.”

**Dial tone** [No answer]


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