#0601 Control Freak

I can stand it even if no one else can. Your weird ways. I don’t love you, this isn’t about love. I just know you. You like to think you have some power over me. The way you take things out of my hand when I hold them, because you want to feel that you’re contributing. The way you ask me a question and listen to my opinion but you do your own thing anyway. You want to feel like a leader. You make sure everyone is heard but ultimately it’s all down to you. It’s your game, your play, your move, your win. When it’s your loss, you’ll tell them we all tried hard, we all put in the effort. But you know it’s not true. Other people don’t see you like I do and that’s why I watch and sit back because you like to be in control and you’re happy when you are. And only I know this.


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