#0701 Wheelchair Man

Your old brown jumper confuses me mister. It’s almost mossy green. Light, yet gross. I can tell you’ve had it for a while. There are holes in the left shoulder where pigeons may have clawed at, not mice for sure, maybe rats chewed at it. That blue hoodie underneath looks like its been touching that body for days and in your possession for years… I wonder, have you ever worn something else? Your hair is so curly but it looks a bit scruffy, like you haven’t taken care of it.
But hey mister, your wheelchair is cool, it has loads of buttons and you can push yourself without using your arms. It must’ve been expensive. You’ve even got a travel ticket. Are you alone mister? Does no one help you mister? Is  it hard to dress yourself mister? Where are you going to and what are you going to do? Is it alright if I follow you? I wonder what it’s like to be you.


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