#1801 Bitter Sweet

What bitter sweet love I have for you and the things you’ve done. I now understand why you made such choices, why you left me stranded and picked me up as if I were yours forever. How you thought all those years I had known you would make up for the way you shook me.

You forgot that slowly my trust faded, it was never going to last. And after, I remembered, picking up the fallen puzzle pieces, placing them back together, slowly and surely. I knew then what I had gone through and as much you disagree it may have been just as powerful as you. This change that you speak of. It is not true. It just a figment of your imagination.

Many people go through this change that you call it. It’s not a change. It is a display, a revealing, a show of who you really are and have always been. And if who you really are has always been then there really is no change. But if you have changed then it is not because of what you say you have become, it’s because of who you want to become. You would like to place this image in front of me and bid me accept it. I accept you for who you are and this, my friend, is not it. I remember a kinder you, a cherished you, a respectable you. You can still be all of these things whilst claiming what you claim to be, I could, I would, I will accept you better if you remained as you once were. But now you have become cynical, negative, and I can only see you striving for ruin as you indulge in experiences. Be who you are I say and yet do as you once did. Be the model I once knew you to be, who I always knew to be flying, soaring and heading towards only those highest mountains.

And I am positive that this will only push you farther, but I have no intention of bringing you close for I only wish that you could see the potential you once had before you had told me you changed.


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