#0203 Leap of Faith

“Don’t look down,” he said. “Just look straight ahead and think positively.” I thought of Peter Pan.
I wasn’t scared, I was excited and yet completely calm. I wasn’t thinking negatively either – the only thing I did was shiver patiently as the cold slapped me from every direction. The crane came to a slow and steady stop, I wouldn’t have even realised if Dave didn’t say
“Alright, get ready.” I stood up immediately. I wondered what I was going to feel. Would I chicken out? Could I handle it? Was I as brave as I always think I am? Dave removed his arm like he said he would, leaving a huge gap in the metal container. It was just big enough for one person. I stepped forward into the gap, freeing myself of all barriers. If I jump now, what am I jumping into? What does it look like? It may not be an ocean but I want to breathe in every moment of it.
“Don’t look down!” Dave said sternly. I felt myself pouting a little. Why not? I wanted to. I looked up about to take in the view. “Hands up.” I hear and I do as he says. “Take a deep breath.” But I didn’t need to. I don’t know if I was pushed off or if I dived head first but what happened next was a silent revelation. I flew.

When I first saw the ground beneath me, it suddenly all made sense; what it felt like when people’s hearts quite literally stopped beating, how it felt to jump without regret, jump and yet know that you are completely and utterly safe. In that moment my mind was incredibly clear. Only as the rope snapped back pulling me back to reality did I remember who I was and what exactly I was doing.
This was just a 10 second bungee jump, tomorrow I would be back in the dreary duties of life, sitting at a desk behind my books once again, day dreaming of what’s next to tick off my list. So, when I reached the ground and Dave asked me,
“Higher next time?” The biggest smile grew on my face as I replied,


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