#0303 Cold Tea

The clock strikes 23:30 and you want to go to sleep. There’s that big pile of papers just sitting there still and what about all those books you haven’t read?  You yawn as you try to tick off the things in your head. Priorities you think. What are my priorities? Sleep… Sleep… Sleep.  At this point even your eyes are speaking to you, sleep… Sleep… Sleep. In the back of your head there’s still the image of the pile, the actual pile sits in front of you, but it’s somewhat not real anymore. You start to question yourself. Why? Why is it here? Why do I have to do it? Do I have to do it? There you go, it’s begun, that tiny little devil in your head that tells you, “You’ll have time to do it tomorrow.” You believe it and then you question it because you know that’s not true. Believe it. Question it. Believe it. Question it. Believe it. It’s already 23:45 now and you still haven’t moved. What have you been doing actually? Ah, that’s right, staring at the wall deciding whether you’ll ever get that pile of work done today. Probably not. I need to sleep. You’ve said the word sleep so many times already it’s beginning to lose its meaning. I just want to sleep now. It’s not even you speaking anymore, it’s that little devil dancing around in your head. He has definitely won. All you do is sleep but you just can’t seem to get enough of it. You shut off the laptop, organise your piles of paper, see that wrapper on the floor, pick it up, throw it away. Oh look, how did that get there? You pick it up, throw it away. Woah, my room… I need to clean up before I can sleep in here. Suddenly you have all this time to clean, re-organise and tidy but that pile still sits there staring at you or rather you stare at it. Nah. I get it already, you’d rather just sleep. It’s already 12:10 now, you may as well just go to sleep. Oh no! My tea! It’s been sitting there for hours, it’s ice tea now, just leave it. No. You just couldn’t, you had to take a sip, screw your face and stick your tongue out even though you knew exactly what it would taste like. Not having this, I’m going to sleep now. Yes go. Go, for goodness sake. Just go. Go. To. Sleep.



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