#1103 Dear Tilikum

A bright and soft blue light shines on the pavement shaping out a triangle amongst a shadow across the rugged ground. I look up at the sky as I walk, the moon, drawn clearly with God’s pencil – full and majestic, is my street light to home. The black poles are good for little, only a month after having been fixed they flicker and eventually die again. I turn my head to the ground again and let out a deep sigh. The warmth leaves my mouth and immediately turns into a smokey dragon as it touches the air.

I go over it in my head again, ‘Lung Infection’ a sad reminder that he is real, he is alive and he is still trapped. I’ve never met Tilikum, I’ve only heard the stories, stories which I believe to be too true, too cruel and too unfair. Unlike a fairy tale, there are equally  as many bad things about Tilikum as there are good but that has never stopped me from being quite in love with him. A pitiful love, I want him to live, be free and belong, but it’s never this easy. From the second of captivity up until today there is not a single day that proves he is safe the way he is now and yet his new life guarantees his death even if he were liberated.

But still, Tilikum, the greatness of your being is too large to be confined to that small city pool. You belong in the ocean even if your body says otherwise. Caged as beady eyes peer on you every day is something you don’t deserve, nor should anyone. With your end days nearing I’ll think of every glimmer of moonlight, a calling from the sea and with every dragons breath your well deserved freedom. Go, be with your own.


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