#1103 Min (Part 2)

After Min had successfully gotten rid of her horrible, ugly friends she stood staring down at them with wide eyes. Almost with a certain admiration of her work. Until it dawned on her just what she had done. Suddenly she felt like she was floating amongst heavy, grey clouds that were about to burst any second. Unfortunately for her, they did just that. It took less than two minutes before the rest of the class arrived. Inevitably the scream of the first student had a domino effect.
Min at this point was so lost deep inside the maze of her mind that she didn’t hear the screams of her classmates, her new friends and her lecturer. She didn’t notice the police come in 20 minutes later, or feel the handcuffs tight around her wrists. Instead she stared blankly straight ahead as she replayed in her head the moment of the incident. When she was shoved in the back of the police car her head hit the frame, knocking her out unconscious.

When Min came to, she was alone. She sat on a chair in the middle of a dimly lit room facing a wide mirror in the wall. Her mind and vision were both cloudy and still adjusting, I must be dreaming, she thought. What was I thinking about before I went to sleep? For a minute or so she sat blinking, waiting for her dreams to conjure up the next scene. The door slammed open as someone stepped in and Min started laughing. For no obvious reason, she didn’t know why she was laughing, but she just was. The officer who had walked in, stepped back, surprised and clearly a bit worried. Cautiously he walked to a stop in front of her.

“What is your name young girl?” He asked
What is your name young girl? Min’s mind repeated and she began to laugh. What is this? Min thought. I’ve never dreamt of this before. It must be a new one.
The officer waited for Min to stop but it was all beginning to be an unnecessary misunderstanding.
“Girl. What is your name?” He asked again.
Girl what is your name? Min repeated…In her mind.
A misunderstanding that would very quickly result in Min’s death.


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