#1703 Moments

Seeing a single cloud in the clear sky

Watching the baby just before it cries

Forgetting where you put it just the second after

Remembering something small that happened years ago

Smiling at your thoughts –

Realising your smiling

Knowing the lyrics to a whole song

Wondering what someone else is doing today

Regretting the work you didn’t do

Hitting the play button on Netflix

Hearing a sound in a dark quiet room

Listening to the ticks of the clocks as you lie asleep

Seeing a light flicker

Waiting for your lecturer to do that thing they always do

Questioning yourself when the alarm goes off in the morning

Trying to remember when you fell asleep

Recounting the steps before you lost it

Walking in to a book store

Walking out of a book store

Clicking the balance button at the ATM

Smiling at a stranger

Finishing a book

Completing a deadline

Leaving the last lecture of the week

Bumping into someone after a long time

Receiving a gift

Knowing that you are alive for another day



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