The sun was so bright our eyes were forced shut, but we liked it anyway. The grass hugged us as we lay there with our arms covering our faces. The heat had made it warm and comforting and although for us it was often more overbearing  than we were used to, that day we were too calm and carefree to let it bother us. It felt just as good for us as it was for the grass. We embraced it. We lay in silence but surprisingly the little time we had known each other felt longer. It was neither awkward nor frustrating, instead it relaxed us as we both drifted in our own thoughts. Our presence was felt by one another but it did not ruin the moment, we were comforted in knowing that we had each other if we ever needed the help we had to offer. We must’ve laid there for an hour… two? Time went by and we hadn’t done much yet we felt satisfied.

We don’t have to do anything sometimes to feel bliss, you just feel it. In that moment I remember, the others were probably holding their heads in their hands wishing to escape from the stress that caged them indoors on that fine day. But we, we enjoyed ourselves in the opportunity that God gave us to stop, breathe, feel and live. We may not have done much but we did so much more than many others decided to do. We both knew each other well enough to know that we were somewhat broken and given up, but thinking about the little moments we had together like that reminded me that all friendships are not the same. Each and every person that had an effect on us left an imprint of a lesson well learnt – but with us I got the feeling that she and I may not be as close as we are one day, but she would never leave and neither would I. 


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