Moments (II)

Receiving that text you’ve been waiting for

Getting a call from an unknown number

Trying to recall someone’s name

Thinking of something happy before you fall asleep

Remembering an entire dream

Realising the absurdity of a dream

Missing someone

Laughing till your stomach hurts

Working out till you’re producing rain

Completing a workout

Eating after a fast

Sitting down after standing all day

Taking your bag off your shoulders

Wrapping a blanket around you

Remembering something from a long time ago

Someone complimenting your outfit


Forgetting your epiphany

Watching wildlife

Finishing a book

Being emotionally moved by a film

Watching someone else be moved by a film

Falling in love with a fictional character

Making a list of things to do

Ticking the checklist

Opening a new tab

Using cold water in cold weather

Drinking cold water in warm weather

Using hot water in cold weather

Hot showers after a workout

Closing the laptop lid at the end of the day

Taking off your glasses

Sitting down after cleaning the house

Taking off your shoes after a long day




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