Liberation in Death

That first enchanting encounter, I knew you’d forever hold a place in my world…

I like to imagine the sparkling reflections of the water ripples in the moonlight.

Of a dark sky filled with diamond shining stars.

In the depths of the galaxy’s vastness there is a space that fits your greatness comfortably.

You swim freely and to your heart’s desire.

No one to pull at your reigns anymore because you have none.

And no one to tell you to jump.

You can do as you wish there and look down at the sea and see what things have become.

I’m sure you know you are better off up there, you’ll find it’s where you belong.

There was never really a place for you down here.

It’s amazing what you had grown to become.

Despite everything, you were strong and you were brave.

You lived through more horror than you should’ve done.

So enjoy this liberation Tilikum because you deserve it just as much as anyone.



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