The Big Girl and Her Friend (2)

Htrae is best known for its stardust mines. Whilst it has been equivalent to staple foods for us Traeons, when the settlement of the foreigners first took place, the Federation were incredibly excited by stardust and henceforth Htrae became a part of the Trading Goods Allegiance (TGA)  between the two galaxies. To witches and wizards, stardust was merely a common form that existed in the air by some unexplained force but, for humans it was a strange and wondrous element that did not grow on their home planets. For years, Htrae was the most popular destination for tourism and trade but over the years greater elements have been discovering on neighbouring planets and Htrae has become a friendly and familiar face to those who pass it. The station that connects the neighbouring planets is named Terabithia. From here, vortexes that act as bridges allow travel to and from worlds. Terabithia is a land full of mysterious magic that even ancient warlocks can not explain. It is neither a spherical planet nor a shining star and yet the properties are that of both. The atmosphere is constantly changing and under the permanently dark spacial sky Terabithia miraculously grows large trees and luscious vegetation. Inse who travel often have all said to have sighted different creatures, species or beings so no person knows what really exists.

The girl in our story was said by many wise inse, to have been born spiritually from Terabithia’s power, giving her the unexplainable ability to harness her soul in one entity.



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