The Big Girl and Her Friend (1)

Since time begun, mankind, or ‘inse’ has been known to be an entity split into two parts.
Ancient warlocks who possess a familiar, modern magic folk and their animagus, in some worlds there exists the human and their daemons and in other exists human and pet. It has become commonly accepted accross the galaxies that man’s soul exists outside of its body, in another  part and usually in the form of some kind of animal or creature.  In each instance, the soul is fragile, loved and nurtured. If neglected, it is reflected through the negative persona they will thereafter possess for eternity, redeemed only through enlightenment. 

Our story takes place on the planet Htrae (pronounced tray) in the Lunar system in the elliptical galaxy in the year 3021. The purebloods of Traeon’s souls exist in a sphinx whose size and character is a reflection of their owners but, after the inaugration of the Federation from planet Earth in the solar system, to our planet in the year 2015, the Traeons have now become, like most other planets in both the spiral and elliptical galaxies, a diverse population. Here it is, and with utmost pride I state, where the new entity of inse was created and placed. For the first time man was kept whole, soul intact, in its original vessel. This story tells of this new inse who was given a many tests and gone through a many trials and tribulations over the time of her life as her soul was invisible, it was as if it did not exist, rather through this story we will learn, it lived very much inside of her and was nothing like anyone had encountered before.



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